PM Meles Zenawi’s 40th day memorial

PM Meles Zenawi

(By: Naomi Belay ) – In most orthodox Christian denominations it’s to be believed that a dead soul before it goes to its final destination, it spends 40 days on earth .supposedly this belief is rooted in Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday through his ascension into heaven .and within this 40 days I learned the soul of the dead will travel to all the places where it lived and traveled.

I have no proof whether this faith is ingestible or not especially for my agnostic nature. But for this moment I just chose it to be factual. And I asked myself if this was to be true where would our late Prime Minister Meles zenawi spend his 40 days on earth??? Of course I’m sure he would spend it all in Ethiopia. His beloved country. This idea gave me sense of excitement and satisfaction that before Meles finally left earth he got to spend 40 beautiful days in Ethiopia.

These 40 days were indeed where he reaped his harvest. Harvest of the love of his people, in-gathering of his life time dedication for democracy and economic growth, recognition as one of the best leaders throughout Ethiopia’s history. And above all he got to see a smooth power transition from his hands to his personal sketched portrait Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne … and Ethiopia keeps on glooming and growing for the days and centuries to come.

Dear Prime Minister Meles Zenawi , I hope your 40 days stay on earth were rewarding and satisfactory of your life time achievements . And I know when u leaves us for your next destination within the heavens. You left us with a great smile on your face. A smile of a hero! People like you make god’s creation worthy. Worthy enough to convince why god has still hope on human race.

As always you’ll always be in my deepest heart. You may rest in heave.



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