Etsehiwot Abebe’s Wedding

Etsehiwot Abebe’s Wedding
etsehiwot abebe wedding



12 Responses to Etsehiwot Abebe’s Wedding

  1. yonas says:

    Love it, she is so pretty♣

  2. loza says:

    wish you a happy marriage Estu::

  3. Gele hise says:

    well…..tinish keze keze ale….yemushira wubetu meregagatu….

  4. selam says:

    ye ethiopia serege webetu yerasu yehonu zefenoch alute endene chebo yamolame wegebwa yemesaselu tarikawi yehenene chefera bete maderege techelu nebere sorry ene alwededekutem

  5. Selam says:

    Guys what is wrong with our culture? Lemen yesew hager culture yenafekenal? Sorry to say this but she doesn’t look like a bride except her dress.mushera rega Sele new yemyamerew,endezehe eyetmenakeru aydelem.she think she is modern? How many old people invited in this wedding ? And how money of them have idea what she is doing. Shame on you.

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